Capo escapes in Colombia requested in extradition by the US

The powerful member of the Clan del Golfo, Juan Larrinson Castro Estupiñán, alias Matamba, escaped from a Bogotá prison.

One of the most powerful drug traffickers of the Clan del Golfo, known by the alias Matamba and required for extradition by the United States, escaped this Friday (03.18.2022) from a Bogotá prison, in a new scandal involving prison authorities.

Juan Larrinson Castro Estupiñán, Matamba, a prisoner in La Picota prison, had been captured in May and was facing trial in the state of Florida for money laundering and cocaine and heroin trafficking.

The capo of the Clan del Golfo, the most powerful drug organization in Colombia headed by Dairo Úsuga, alias Otoniel, also imprisoned in Bogotá, escaped with the alleged complicity of the prison guard.

“I already spoke with the attorney general of the nation this morning so that all the necessary captures are made of those who caused that escape by the prison guard,” President Iván Duque told the press.

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One of the guards has already been captured, added Justice Minister Wilson Ruiz.

Until the moment of his arrest, Matamba was considered the main link of the Mexican Sinaloa Nueva Generación cartel in the Colombian Pacific, on the border with Ecuador.

In Colombia, he is also investigated for association to commit crimes for the purpose of homicide, extortion and illegal possession of weapons.

Estupiñán was part of the communist guerrilla before fighting alongside the far-right paramilitaries, staunch enemies of the rebels. After negotiating with Otoniel, he assumed command of a group of 200 men within the Clan del Golfo, according to authorities.

As a result of his escape, President Duque announced “a comprehensive reform of the Colombian penitentiary and prison system” after the corruption scandals involving the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (Inpec).

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