Gran Turismo 7 is online again and its director apologizes

Grand Touring 7 ends its controversial maintenance after leaving users without access to their progress online for more than 24 hours. The team found a critical bug in the release of patch 1.07 that the studio had to fix before it was finalized. Kazunori Yamauchi, director of the game, explains in an open letter the reasons for the extension and apologizes to all those affected.

Kazunori Yamauchi (Gran Turismo 7) apologizes

“I wanted to explain what happened with this update,” Yamauchi begins on the official Gran Turismo 7 website. “Immediately after the release of patch 1.07 we detected a problem in which the game did not start correctly in some cases. It was a rare bug that wasn’t seen during development testing or QA sessions before release, so we decided to hold off on patch 1.07 and make an additional 1.08 patch to prioritize game save file security. users”.

Yamauchi unequivocally acknowledges that this “has been the reason for the delay” and apologize for the delay in explaining it. In addition, the creative has taken the opportunity to add the creative vision of the team regarding the prices of the cars. During his statement, he acknowledges that he would like users to “enjoy cars and races even without microtransactions.”

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“The price of cars is an important element that conveys value and rarity, so I think it’s important that it’s connected to real-life prices. I want to make GT7 a player where you can enjoy a variety of cars in different ways, and if possible we want to avoid a situation where a player has to mechanically repeat a particular event over and over again”.

Yamauchi concludes with his desire to share what awaits Grand Touring 7 with additional content coming soon. “It pains me that I cannot explain the details at this time, but we plan to review GT7 so that as many players as possible can enjoy the game” from a “long-term” perspective.

Source: Gran Turismo official website