Belgium postpones the closure of its nuclear power plants for ten years

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced this Friday (03.18.2022) that his country will continue to use its nuclear power plants for ten more years than expected. De Croo, who already announced this week a second package of fiscal measures in his country to contain energy prices, said that at the same time the federal government was going to “accelerate the transition to renewable energies, the best path to our independence energy”.

The decision means that the Tihange 3 plant, near the German border, and the Doel 4 plant, near Antwerp, would remain operational until 2035. The country voted in 2003 to close its nuclear power plants, but has never completely disconnected from this. power source. More than half of the electricity it consumed in 2021 was generated by nuclear power, according to grid operator Elia.

On Tuesday, De Croo announced a reduction in VAT on gas and electricity, as well as excise duties on gasoline and diesel. “At the same time, our country continues to put pressure on the EU, mainly to freeze gas prices,” the head of the Belgian government also said on Twitter at the time.

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The measures will cost the State some 1,300 million euros, although around 1,000 million will come from the additional public income that the energy shortage has generated in the form of taxes. (dpa/eff)

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