They steal your iPhone and on top of that they try to scam you: New online fraud

Having your mobile stolen is the worst, because that’s where you lead your life. But that on top of that they try to rip you off once they have stolen it is already the last straw, the auction. Well, that is happening, because the OSI, the Spanish Internet Security Office, has detected cases in which users, after having suffered the physical theft of their iPhone mobile terminals, after some time receive emails or messages that supplant the identity of Apple support.

They are told that their terminal has been found and that to obtain all the information they must access a link that redirects to a fraudulent web page and in which they must provide their Apple ID credentials. And that’s where the phishing scam begins to completely take over the mobile.

robbed and swindled

According to the OSI, This scam is aimed at people who have suffered the theft of an iPhone, whatever model it is. Over several days, weeks, or even months, you start receiving fraudulent emails or messages, also known as phishing or smishing, posing as Apple support.

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They indicate to the user that his terminal has been located and add an excuse for you to access the accompanying link, such as receiving more information, discovering your location or blocking it. The content of the emails and messages could be similar to the following, always accompanied by a link that redirects to a fraudulent website:

  • “Dear Customer, Your iPhone 12 Pro Max has been located. To locate or lock your device visit.”
  • “Dear Laura, We have tried to contact you by phone without success. Do you have a lost or stolen iPhone 12 Pro Max? AppleStore.”
  • “Your iPhone has been recovered at a Telestore.”
  • “Your missing iPhone X has been connected to the Internet.”

In the case of accessing the link provided, you will be redirected to a fraudulent website where you will be asked for your Apple ID credentials. In the case of doing so, cybercriminals they do with the access to your account, and they will unlink the iPhone from it, then having full control over it since it is unlinked from your account.

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