The video of Marc Anthony singing in Guarani that went viral on TikTok

The singer Mark Anthony The 53-year-old is in the media spotlight due to his budding romance with Miss Paraguay, Nadia Ferreira, who was only one step away from reaching the Miss Universe crown, which finally ended at the head of the Indian representative Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu.

Mark Anthony and Nadia Ferreira were seen a few weeks ago at a Greek restaurant in Mexico City. There they were affectionate in the midst of a group of friends and the images quickly went viral, implying that the Paraguayan would be the artist’s new girlfriend.

Although neither of the two protagonists has referred to the relationship, the romance is a fact and already has memes on social networks. There are those who affirm that Nadia Ferreira only wants the money and fame of Mark Anthony while others indicate that the beauty queen has bad taste since she could be with a gallant her age.

In the midst of the controversy, a video emerged on the platform TikTok in which a netizen joked and wrote: “What is love Mark Anthony He already learned to sing in Guarani”. The face of Nadia Ferreira’s boyfriend appears in the montage and the polka song “Mava ykere pa reime” plays in the background.

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The material was shared on the network by the user Cecilio Salinas and aroused everyone’s laughter by going viral. In the clip the voice of the song and the gestures of Mark Anthony They seem to match so it looks very real. In a few minutes, the video received more than 1,158 views, more than a thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments.

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