30 premieres to watch this weekend March 18-20 on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Movistar+

Friday arrives, and with it the weekend, two and a half days off in which to leave the house, do things and also see things if you just want a sofa and a blanket. And this weekend there are no less than 30 premieres, 10 of them only on Netflix.

We start with something ideal for the weekend, pure European Fantastique: Krakow Monsters, a ‘young adult’ product with a fantastic cut that draws directly from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to show us a team of young people who must deal with entrants, bugs and all kinds of paranormal and monstrous events. AND Human Resources: love bugs, Hormone monsters and other critters experience office drama while taking care of their clients in this Big Mouth spin-off series.

Also the Swedish action thriller black crab, during a long and harsh winter, six soldiers will undertake a secret mission that passes through an archipelago transporting a mysterious package that could put an end once and for all to the war that is being waged. And the cultist-psychological terror of Midsommar: Terror Waits Not For Night: A grieving woman accompanies her boyfriend and his college friends to a remote Swedish village that is not the idyllic commune it appears to be.

On HBO Max we have the series Lust (Lust): When Anette, a public health researcher, conducts a study entitled “Sex is a path to health”, she and her friends begin to question their own sex lives. How is it possible that ‘original sin’ has been replaced by new realities as mundane as routine sex, careers, children, marriage, divorce, and the endless struggle to stay young, fit, and sexy?

AND DMZ, Based on the DC comic book of the same name: In the near future, the United States is engulfed in a bitter civil war, leaving Manhattan a demilitarized zone (DMZ), destroyed and cut off from the rest of the world. This story chronicles the harrowing journey of doctor Alma Ortega (played by Rosario Dawson), who embarks on a harrowing journey to find the son she lost in the evacuation of New York City at the start of the conflict.

And in Amazon Prime Video we remind you that you already have Deep Water: Ben Affleck y Ana de Armas They play Vic and Melinda Van Allen, a well-to-do couple from New Orleans whose marriage crumbles under the weight of resentment, jealousy and mistrust. As their mutual taunts and mind games intensify, things quickly turn into a deadly game of cat and mouse as Melinda’s extramarital flirtations begin to wear off.

On Disney+ more than robots: The documentary tells the story of four teams of teens from around the world preparing for the 2020 FIRST robotics competition. Meet the teams from Los Angeles, Mexico City, China, and Japan as they work to get their unique designs noticed. qualify for the world championship, a highly competitive event. They face all kinds of difficulties, such as having few resources within their communities or leaving everything halfway due to a global pandemic. But even so, the boys persevere and learn that there is much more at stake than just robots.

And we remind you that you also have on Disney + for a couple of days Nightmare Alley / The Alley of Lost Souls: premiered just last January in Spain, we are facing the new film by Guillermo del Toro, who after his Oscar for the beautiful The Shape of Water, has directed the remake of a 1947 film with a Noir plot – fantastic set in the years 40 that has had a divisive reception, being another example of its marvel at the audiovisual level but this time not so much at the script level.

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New Netflix series for March 2022

March 18

Krakow Monsters

Comedians in Paris

Human Resources

Top Boy, temporada 2

Eternally confused and longing for love

New Netflix movies for March 2022

March 18

Until we meet again

Stroke of luck

black crab

March 19

Midsommar: Terror Waits Not For Night

twenty five, twenty one

New documentaries and Netflix realities for March 2022

March 18

Young, famous and African

Alessandro Cattelan: A very simple question

Series HBO MAX March 2022

March 18th



Movistar+ premiere movies for March 2022

friday 18

horsemen of justice

Premieres by M+ (dial 30). Mads Mikkelsen is the protagonist of this very black comedy, as incorrect as it is full of social denunciation, about the casual, the probable… and the improbable. Mikkelsen plays Markus, a military man who returns home with his teenage daughter after the death of his wife in a train accident. Accident? Markus thinks it was just bad luck, but Otto, a math expert and also a passenger on the crashed train, is convinced that someone is behind it all.

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Movistar+ premiere series for March 2022

friday 18

Unit. Season 2

Complete on demand. ‘La Unidad’ is a fast-paced thriller that, in its second season, will maintain the ambitious level of production of the first and will go one step further in the story of these anonymous heroes who make up a team of the National Police specialized in the fight against jihadist terrorism. And it is that now, the objective of the terrorists will be the Unit itself and its members.

New series, movies and documentaries Amazon Prime Video for March 2022

March 18

Deep Water



Premiere series in Disney+ March 2022

March 18

twelve at home

the reborn

A couple of three

The French Connection. Against the drug empire

French Connection 2

The Poseidon Adventure

premiere documentaries in Disney+ March 2022

March 18

Climate change

more than robots

Premiere films on Filmin March 2022

18 March

the applicant

One of the most haunting and hypnotic movies you’ll see this year. With five nominations at the Independent Spirit Awards, this sports thriller features an unrecognizable and dedicated Isabelle Furhman -the girl from “The Orphan”- in a role similar to that of Natalie Portman in “Black Swan”, although this time set in the demanding and highly competitive world of collegiate rowing.

Premiere documentaries on Filmin March 2022

18 March

Professor Bachmann and his class

Inspiring documentary on education along the lines of works such as “Ser y tener” or “La Clase”. Jury Prize at the Berlin Festival and nominated for the European Film Awards.