Is the magic over? Indirect from Emma Watson to JK Rowling turns on the networks

Before Emma Watson will present the BAFTA Award for Best British Film, the host of the ceremony, Rebel Wilsonintroduced her by saying that the 31-year-old actress considers herself a feminist but that actually everyone knows she is a witch.

At the start of her segment, Emma responded to Rebel’s play on words by stating that “And I’m here for all the witches.”

Emma Watson
Emma Watson

What could originally be understood as a way of referring to women with a certain double meaning, was interpreted by the public as a salute to “all women”, including trans womenwhich would be a hint from Emma Watson against the author of Harry PotterJK Rowling.

Rowling caused a stir in 2020 after she made comments showing that excludes trans women of the female gender. At the time, even the actor Daniel Radcliffe published the phrase “Transgender women are women” to show your support for that community.

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