Marvel signs Euphoria star… Will it be Gwen Stacy?

One of the stars of the series Euphoria signs with Marvel for a mysterious character of Madame Web. Is she going to play Gwen Stacy?

Sydney Sweeneyone of the biggest stars of the series Euphoria beside zendayahas signed for the Marvel Universe. Will be part of the cast Madame Webthe movie produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment for that “Spiderverse” without the Spider-Man from Tom Holland. A «Spiderverse» that already has two films of the Venom from Tom Hardy and moving towards another Kraven the Hunter. But what character is the actress going to play? It seems that all the rumors point directly to Gwen Stacy!

As we have been able to find out in social networksactress Sydney Sweeney has signed on for the cast of Madame Web. the protagonist of Euphoriaone of the most important series of HBO Max, joins a production full of mystery. But is she really the new version of Gwen Stacy in the Marvel movies? Are there grounds to believe this to be true? The truth is that we do not know, but the fans have turned completely towards this possibility. Surely, the main reason is the aesthetic resemblance. After all, the actress would be perfect for this role. However, it is quite a long way from wish to reality. We will have to wait to find out.

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She would be the third actress to play the character this century.

If it is confirmed that Sydney Sweeney, the actress of Euphoria, gives life to Gwen Stacy in the new Marvel movie… she would be the third Hollywood star to play the female character in the last twenty-two years, or even less! The first time we saw it this century was from the hand of Bryce Dallas Howard. It was very briefly Spiderman 3. Then we had her in the saga of The Amazing Spider-Manwith the most wonderful and perfect version possible thanks to Emma Stone. Now Sweeney is running as the third performer to play Gwen Stacy. Let’s see if they confirm it or not!