Microsoft wants to put ads in Windows 11 Explorer

Microsoft is one of those that is loved and hated at the same time. And it is that sometimes what he proposes is so good that it is difficult to get used to the idea that at some point they will make a movement that sends everything to the fret. And no, we are not talking about Windows updates, which are getting faster and faster and give fewer bugs, if not everything that involves decisions with one of its star products. And maybe soon Let’s start seeing ads in Windows 11 explorer.

Yes, Microsoft is putting ads back

One of the things that annoys users the most is intrusive advertisements. Sometimes you have no choice but to ’embrace’ them if you want to use the service, but when you pay in advance it is understood that you have free access to all the features of a program. But sometimes companies take somewhat confusing directions for users and this can happen, again, in the products of the Redmond house.

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And is that Microsoft is testing to put ads in Windows Explorer. In the past, those from Redmond have made some strategies to obtain income through advertising. Some have been justified in some way such as advertising in Microsoft games such as card classics. But on other occasions there seems to be no basis for the company to place advertising, or simply advertisements of its own products that lead to its website.

But according to what he says ReviewGeekmaybe Microsoft is working on a way to put ads in the browser. At the moment, the medium indicates that it is in the testing phase, but they have not yet been implemented.

These take up a space between the explorer and the path text box, so that’s a small space they take up. At the moment, the image that has been shared shows an advertisement on how to improve some of the functions of Windows 11, but it is more likely that this type of Windows advertisement does not catch on among users who simply want to use the Microsoft operating system. .

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We will see how these tests end up, possibly we will see these updates converted in the future.