NATO admits its “responsibility” so that the war does not leave Ukraine

The war in Ukraine “will have lasting consequences for our security and for all NATO allies,” said the alliance’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg acknowledged this Wednesday (03.15.2022) that the Alliance has a “responsibility” to ensure that the war does not spread beyond Ukraine and admitted that the conflict will have “lasting” consequences for the Allied security.

“NATO has a responsibility to ensure that this crisis does not escalate beyond Ukraine and that is also why we have increased the (military) presence in the eastern part of the Alliance,” Stoltenberg said alongside Defense Secretary American, Lloyd Austin, before the NATO Defense Ministers’ meeting in Brussels today.

The Norwegian politician noted that the war is “devastating the Ukrainian population and will also change our security environment.”

“It will have lasting consequences for our security and for all NATO allies,” he stressed.

However, he stressed that the Alliance has responded “in a united and rapid manner” and pointed out that the members of the transatlantic organization have imposed “severe sanctions” on Russia, provide “significant support to Ukraine, military, financial and humanitarian” and reinforce their collective defense.

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“Hundreds of thousands of military personnel on high alert, hundreds of thousands of US military personnel in Europe, and 40,000 soldiers under direct NATO command, mostly on the eastern flank of the Alliance, backed by naval and air forces,” he said, adding that there is “no stronger message of transatlantic unity than having North American forces serving in Europe.”

He recalled that today’s meeting “will not only address the immediate consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but also the longer-term consequences, the long-term adaptation of our Alliance, how to further strengthen our defense and deterrence and eliminate any space for miscalculations or misunderstandings in Moscow about our readiness to protect and defend all allies.”

Indeed, the ministers hope to agree to assess the deployment of more pre-positioned forces and equipment in the east of the Alliance. The heads of Finland, Sweden, Georgia and Ukraine also participate in the event, the latter by videoconference.

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For his part, the US Secretary of Defense pointed out that “very quick” decisions have been made in the face of the crisis and assured that Washington’s presence at the meeting in Brussels “sends a signal to the world that we remain united in our support for Ukraine “.

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