“The Last King”: Did Pablo Montero really not have the blessing of Vicente Fernández?

Because the family of Vicente Fernandez has spoken out against the series “The last king: the son of the people”, recently premiered by TelevisaUnivisiona great legal controversy has arisen and also on social networks after both parties have issued their respective positions with some communiqués, in which a video of the artist’s widow, Doña Cuquita, who has made a series of comments and criticism regarding that production.

Between what was said by the companion in life of the ‘Chente‘, highlights some harsh words against the main actor of the bioseries, Pablo Montero, who has been a person very close to the Fernandez dynasty, which is why such words have attracted a lot of attention. Moreover, the lady had no problem questioning the friendship they had forged over many years.

“Pablo is a good boy, but he knows that his image is not the one that Vicente would have approved and he is also aware that, since November, he was participating in the dark in the illegal Televisa series while Vicente was fighting for his life saying supposed friend of our family”Cuquita said.

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The statements, as expected, fell like a bucket of cold water, not because they described the production of Televisa, but because of what he said about the actor, who practically grew up with them since he was a child, planting and harvesting great confidence. Moreover, it must be taken into account that Vicente Fernández and his partner used to stay at the house of Montero’s parents when they traveled to Torreón.

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On the other hand, it transpired that the entire Fernández family is upset with the actor. It is even said that many of the members of the dynasty have described as treason that Paul Montero has accepted that role, knowing that it does not have their approval.

Alejandro Fernández's bioseries is bringing certain legal problems between the producer and the family of the missing singer (Photo: Televisa)
Alejandro Fernández’s bioseries is bringing certain legal problems between the producer and the family of the missing singer (Photo: Televisa)


As we already mentioned, Pablo Montero was a person very close to Vicente Fernandez and his family for as long as he can remember, so this whole problem has penetrated deep inside him and, obviously, he feels very bad. The Televisa producer in charge of the discord series, Juan Osorio, gave some details of how his protagonist is after these messages.

This is how we were able to learn that the artist could not bear the emotion and shed some tears upon learning of Doña Cuquita’s accusations, when her only intentions were to pay a great tribute to the late singer.

“If there is someone who understands the essence and knows the family, it is Pablo. Unfortunately, because of that statement, tears came out of him, pain, they broke him, they violated him, I told him: ‘That gives you more strength and character, let them see the effort you have made for Don Vicente Fernández’ ”said the producer.

This reaction is usually understandable because the same producer revealed that Pablo, when he was little, started a great relationship with them, to the point of entering the couple’s bed as if he were another child.


Although the producer of the Televisa series had already spoken about the position of the Fernández dynasty, it was almost an obligation what the protagonist thought about it, not only because of his role in the production, but also because of the relationship he had forged with Vicente Fernández and his relatives.

“In all the professions that exist, I am sure that we have all gone through projects that mark us personally, ‘El Último Rey’ is that for me. I want to thank everyone involved in advance for making this possible, Juan Osorio for giving me the opportunity to be part of it, and all of you my beautiful people who always accompany and support me”he wrote on his social networks.

In an interview with the program “Hoy”, he spoke more about his feelings about the problem that revolves around such a television production and made it clear that he feels calm because he knows that Vicente Fernández would have allowed him to interpret it in fiction. .

“I hope you enjoy this series that we did with a lot of respect and a lot of heart, I know that I have the blessing of Don Vicente Fernández” commented.

Pablo Montero playing Vicente Fernández in "The Last King" (Photo: Televisa)
Pablo Montero playing Vicente Fernández in “The Last King” (Photo: Televisa)


“The last king” It is a project that will tell the life of Fernández based on interviews, testimonies and unpublished revelations from the perspective of the journalist Olga Wornat; However, this production was not authorized by the singer or his familyas his story was sold to Snail Televisionwho will have Jaime Camil as the protagonist of “The Charro of Huentitan”.

“For Televisa Univision it was a surprise to learn that some members of the Fernández family preferred that the story of our Charro de Huentitán Mexicanism be told by a foreign company. Given this, we turned to serious and journalistic publications to be able to narrate to Mexican audiences with a careful, but also real version of what happened “expressed the company in its account .