63 paid Android apps and games that are free on Google Play today, March 15

Tuesday arrives, a day that at least is not Monday. We look at the equator of the week -and the month, because we are right in the middle of March- on this Tuesday, March 15, in which we have up to 63 apps that you can download for free on Google Play.

Free apps and games today March 15

Free games and apps include games of different genres -platforms, VR, puzzles, shooters-, photo retouching apps, calculation, widgets, meditation, language learning and suspense, platform and horror games with Jeff the Killer REborn, based on the popular Creepypasta character.

Next we pass you the list with links and the price that the app usually has -a list compiled by various websites such as Notengosuelto. Some tell you how many more days they are going to be free, others will not, but the installation is free of charge -although it is also possible that if an application comes out of payment, it is because it has finished being free from yesterday up to date.

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You may see that in the Google Store there are more free apps today, the reason why we put this amount is to follow a criterion. In this case, only those that approximately exceeded a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars have been included:


Dragons vs Knights: Free (Before: 0.59€)

Rating: 4.1/5 – Downloads: 1000

Strategy game

Oil Rush: 3D naval strategy: Free (Before: 1.45€)

  • Rating: 4.3/5 – Downloads: 5000
  • Strategy game