Batman: this was Ben Affleck’s imposing and striking suit for his canceled movie

While The Batman by Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson continues to triumph at the box office, we will always have the doubt of how the solo project of Ben Affleck of his celebrated version of the Dark Knight, a film that was to come after Justice League and that it was finally canceled for various reasons, including the actor’s abandonment of such a popular role. And beyond that Affleck was going to play and direct her, little else is known about her version of Batman; until now. And it is that the conceptual artist who worked on the project has shown the costume design made for said film, a new more armored appearance that contrasts with the suit worn by Batman in the Snyderverse. And Affleck’s appearance could not be more spectacular and imposing.

This would have been Batfleck’s solo Batman

Thus, we do know that, most likely, the lethal Deathstroke He was going to be the main villain of the film, an expert sword-wielding fighter who turns out to be terribly dangerous. Hence the more armor aspect of this new suit, which would surely have protected Bruce Wayne from Deathstroke’s sharp blades. A look that, now yes, reminds us more of the appearance that Robert Pattinson wears in The Batman, with military look and armor pieces more cumbersome.

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Even so, and despite the fact that the suit seems heavier, more forceful and bulletproof, it also presents several somewhat more flexible sections, all to provide Batman with the necessary mobility in combat. This is how the artist shared it Keith Christensen through his official Instagram account, a conceptual designer who has also worked on other DC productions such as Batman v Superman or most recent The Batman.

It won’t be until 2023 when we see Ben Affleck for the last time as Batman in The Flasha film that has recently been delayed.

Source | Screen Rant