Luc Laversanne (“The Voice”): “For me, it’s a hell of a revenge”

His deep voice becomes light as soon as he laughs. In other words, often during our phone call. If Luc Laversanne only returned an armchair threshold during his blind hearing, Saturday February 27, he has already left his mark on this season 10 of The Voice.

Because the apprentice singer from Lozère came to try his luck with a song of the most daring for a TV hook. He returns for LCI on his performance as poignant as disconcerting.

When the first notes start, Amel Bent expects you to sing All by myself. But you surprise everyone by resuming The Partisans’ Song. Was it obvious to you?

I was supposed to sing Lovely from Billie Eilish but I changed at the last minute to The Partisans’ Song. I didn’t hesitate for a second because it’s a song that reminds me of my childhood. When I was little, I was part of a marching band and we played at a lot of commemorations. We met in front of a war memorial on every major historical date and we participated in the remembrance of veterans. I have always found it moving to hear this story. It also reminds me of my family, my friends, my village … I also chose this song because the lyrics correspond a lot to what we are going through, metaphorically speaking.

Marc Lavoine recalls that it’s a song “that resonates with the news”. How is this hymn of the Resistance still so powerful today?

Because everything that is said in this song reminds us of what is happening right now. “Friend, do you hear the raven’s black flight over our plains”, it’s this damn epidemic. “Friend, do you hear the deaf cries of the country that is being chained”, it is containment. “Hey, supporters, workers and peasants, this is the alarm”, that means that we revolt a little because we are fed up with all that. When you turn on the television, you only hear disasters. We need positivity, we must make it our duty to be in a good mood and to smile from morning to night.

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The Partisans’ Song is also known as Song of liberation. Interpret it on the set of The Voice, was it also a way to free yourself from your past?

Oh yes, yes! For me, it’s a hell of a revenge. I haven’t had an easy life. Of course there are worse people than me, but I hate to be complained about. I fought for years to get off the streets, to get out of prejudices and to lie to people who said I was a good-for-nothing who wouldn’t do anything with his life. Today, I really want to go back to the camera, put my thumb under their chin and give them “cheh “! (he’s laughing).

Vianney, he’s a good person. Very well even. He is very sensitive (…). I would have liked to know him a little more.– Luc Laversanne

You ended up in tears, Marc Lavoine too. Is it through emotion that the connection with your coach was made?

Vocally, he told me it wasn’t really that. I think it was the choice of song that made him turn around. We are far from the coaches on the set. My eyes were flooded, I couldn’t see anything at all (he’s laughing). So, I continued to sing without seeing Marc Lavoine’s reaction at all. What soothed me at that moment was Amel Bent’s gaze. He was so benevolent that at one point I only looked at her. Then I said to myself that I still had to look at Marc Lavoine because it was he who had turned around (he laughs even more). He is very philosophical and I was so moved that I did not understand what he said to me. I got a little confused in his question and I was a little lost. So I couldn’t tell if there was a connection between us.

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Vianney expressed regret for not turning around. Not too disappointed ?

I’m disappointed he didn’t turn around but just for my personal ego. A seat that turns around, we are happy. Two, we are even more so. Three is awesome and four is awesome! Vianney, he’s a good person. Very well even. He is very sensitive. He was exhausted after Tarik’s performance. I would have liked to know him a little more.

On TikTok, you offer your covers of great titles from Coldplay to Frank Sinatra, via Vianney. What does your musical universe look like?

A real draft (he’s laughing). I’m still struggling to find an identity for myself, but I think my style is more melancholy. It can convey good humor as well as sadness, nostalgia. Well, my video that works the best at the moment is the cover of Baloo in The jungle Book, It takes little to be happy. Internet users tell me: “It suits you too well!”. But in my head, it’s more like: “Great, it always reminds me that I am over 100 kilos” (he’s laughing).

My wish is really to be able to do something with my voice– Luc Laversanne

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In your portrait you say “do nothing more at the moment because of the beautiful period we are living”. What was your daily life like before the pandemic?

I worked in the restaurant business. I got up every morning for a job I wanted to do. I saw different people everyday, I communicated, I laughed, sometimes I sang when I liked the client very much (he’s laughing). Then I would come home, I would have a pint with my friends in a bar, we would go for a walk. A simple life because I really like simplicity. And right now, it’s sofa, hot chocolate and marshmallows (he’s laughing).

What do you expect from your participation in The Voice ?

Even if I don’t make it all the way to the end, my wish is really to be able to do something with my voice. It is the dream of every musician to make a living from his music. I wish I could get up in the morning saying to myself: “I’m going to sing. I’m going to put all my guts out over and over and over and over and I’m going to sing.” Simply.

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