Sam Raimi’s next project will blow your mind

It may not be the best known name, but Sam Raimi is the director of the first Spider-Man trilogy and is now working on a film that promises a lot.

Cinema has some components that allow, directly or indirectly, a production to mark and generate the expected impact. Undoubtedly, the technological and visual part is one of the current axes, but there is also human talent, highlighting the cast. However, the presence of an experienced director will make a difference. In that order of ideas, there are not many professionals who are recognized for such work. One of them is Sam Raimi, who created the original trilogy of Spider-Man and it is close to brand new Doctor Strange 2, also of his authorship.

Apart from all this, the director is already preparing other projects, leaving a bit of the superhero genre. In this way, he will take on a challenge, as he will have to be accepted outside of his comfort zone.

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His new work is titled Boy Kills World, “Action movie set in a dream reality of dystopian fever.” The feature film is preparing to shoot in South Africa.

The expectation of creation begins with the cast, led by Bill Skarsgård (It), who will play the main character Boy, a “deaf-mute with a vibrant imagination, escaping into the jungle after his family’s murder. Later, a mysterious shaman trains Boy to become an instrument of death.«, This mentor will be embodied by the Indonesian Yayan Ruhian.

The casting will complement it Samara Weaving. The Australian appeared in the series Nine Perfect Strangers, from Amazon prime, and in the saga of The babysitter, from Netflix.

It should be noted that this film will not be directed by Raimi, but that he will act solely as a producer. The managerial tasks will be on behalf of Moritz Mohr, whom Sam praised. “I am delighted to partner again with Roy Lee in Boy Kills World by Moritz Mohr. Moritz has a brilliant sense for action, humor, and world-building that I can’t wait for the world to see. We are excited to collaborate with Nthibah and Hammerstone to bring Moritz’s unique film to life«Stated the filmmaker.

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Source: Collider