Accused of rape, rapper Naps announces that he will file a complaint for slanderous denunciation

His hit “La Kiffance” made France dance all summer long. But it is in the judicial department that Naps is talking about him today. Our colleagues from Point revealed on Wednesday that the 35-year-old rapper from Marseille was indeed implicated in a rape case.

According to LCI information, an investigation was opened on October 3 by the Paris prosecutor’s office following the complaint filed two days earlier by a young 20-year-old woman. It was entrusted to the second judicial police division of the capital.

Toxicological examinations in progress

The alleged victim claims to have spent the evening of September 30 to October 1 with the rapper met in a nightclub in Paris. After going with him to the hotel, she claims that she was unable to push him away, indicating that his limbs were paralyzed. The results of toxicological examinations are expected in the coming hours.

On Wednesday evening, Naps reacted in a final message posted on Instagram. “It messes up my name even though I haven’t done anything, I haven’t even been contacted by the police, I don’t even know what it is in real life“, he writes.”I obviously dispute all of the alleged facts. I can not let it go and will instruct my lawyer to file a complaint for slanderous denunciation (…) Justice will do its job with me when they call me, and we won’t let go“.

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Naps, whose real name is Nabil Arlabelek, is from the Air Bel district in Marseille. Passionate about rap, he keeps doing odd jobs until the release of his first album My city & my life, in 2015. He continued two years later with Blue pouch, double platinum disc, A l’instinct, We are made for that then VIP lounge.

Released last April, his latest opus entitled Hands made for gold contains the hit “La Kiffance”, one of the biggest hits of the summer, the clip of which crossed the 90 million mark on Youtube. Last week, Naps hit one million followers on Instagram.

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