Twitter already tests its own store in the app

Twitter is making very competitive moves to face other social networks operating on the Internet. The company has developed its own potential and is now working on seeing what are some features that it can get from those other competitors. One of these characteristics has to do with the commercial field where soon there will be users who can enjoy buying directly from Twitter.

Twitter wants you to buy from the app

It is a fact that the Internet is the world’s largest showcase. Each portal is an opportunity for different companies for users to buy their products. And it is that throughout the Internet you will not only find ads, but also profiles that promote different products with which they have an agreement.

But the first profile that any company has to take care of is its own and that is not only demonstrated by constant activity or a good profile image. They must also have a space for users to buy without the need to make many clicks and we have seen that on many sites.

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And now everything indicates that Twitter will become a store at the service of brands. The little bird firm has been looking for a way to speed up the purchase process for some time beyond what it offers when using a link. The function is called twitter shops, to everyone’s surprise, and It will allow to include up to a total of 50 products to be chosen by the company.

This will surely help more than one user to establish their Twitter as one more store where they can sell their products, beyond what the big companies can offer. At the moment, this feature is available in the United States and is expected to reach more countries and, with it, more languages ​​since it is only available in English.

A feature brought from other apps

Twitter is working hard to catch up with its competitors. The fact of positioning itself now as one more Internet store. We have the clearest example from Meta on both Facebook and Instagram. In fact, the second has been the preferred place for influencers, with whom more than one company has reached thousands of people to sell their products.