Sitges 2021: Maxi Valero will present Kyria Dragon, his first novel

Maxi Valero will be present at Sitges 2021, where he will show the public Kyria Dragon and will sign copies on Friday, October 8.

Sitges 2021 began and there are many novelties that will be announced at the famous festival. Without a doubt, this new edition is one of the most important events of the year for those who are fans of fantasy and horror. This time, they will be able to enjoy Kyria Dragon, the first novel by Maxi Valero.

Filmmaker Maxi Valero makes his debut in the field of literary narrative with the fantasy novel Kyria Dragon. This new story takes place in this fantastic medieval world full of magical towns and extraordinary beings where knights, queens, witches, monsters, battles, adventures, intrigues, love and comedy are mixed in an original narrative, framed in the subgenre of the bildungsroman or novel initiation, which will dazzle all types of readers. Thus, we will meet a young magician born from the spell of a dark sorceress who wants the power of the girl to destroy a kingdom of magicians and humans called Indaria.

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When will you present the novel?

Maxi Valero will present Kyria Dragon on Friday, October 8 at 6:00 p.m., coinciding with the start of the Sitges Festival, in the marquee installed by FNAC next to the Hotel Meliá. The book is now available for sale through the publisher’s website.

“Kyria Dragon is born from unpublished stories and poems that I have been writing for years. They are stories full of an original legendarium that have fed the history of a kingdom that, little by little, has been forging in my mind, leading to a single story. The intention is to catch the reader from the first page using a sequential cinematographic structure typical of my profession “, revealed Maxi Valero about his first novel.