The former vice-president of TF1 and ex-president of LCI Étienne Mougeotte has died

He was one of the most emblematic leaders of TF1. Etienne Mougeotte, former vice-president of our branch and ex-president of LCI, died at the age of 81, we learned on Thursday.

Press boss, the one who led the TF1 programs from 1987 to 2007 was also a director at Europe 1, Sunday newspaper, To 7 Days TV, at Radio Classique and at Figaro.

Étienne Mougeotte died Thursday afternoon from a long illness, the entourage of the former press boss confirmed.

“An extraordinary media man”

Gilles Pélisson, CEO of the TF1 group, welcomed “an extraordinary media man”. “At the same time journalist, business manager, creator”, he has, “with Patrick Le Lay, reinvented television and embodied the development of TF1 and its unparalleled success”, he greeted. “The announcement of his death is a great sadness for me as well as for the group’s executive committee and the thousands of employees who have worked with him.”

“All the TF1 teams join me and send their condolences and warmest thoughts to his family and loved ones”added Gilles Pélisson.

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Program creators, talent scout

Etienne Mougeotte made his mark on TF1’s history by being the originator of several very popular programs, “Sacrée Soirée”, “Ciel mon mardi”, “7 à 8”, “How much does it cost” or even “Koh Lanta” and the “Star Academy”.

He also launched the careers of many animators, such as Nikos Aliagas, Jean-Pierre Foucault, Denis Brogniart and Arthur. It is also he who entrusted the presentation of the JT to Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Claire Chazal. Étienne Mougeotte was also behind the creation of LCI in 1994, the first 24-hour news channel launched in France.

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