The difficult moment that Adamari López lived for showing herself to the natural

The driver Adamari Lopez 50 years old is one of the most followed women on social networks where she accumulates more than seven and a half million followers from all latitudes. She is currently in the media spotlight because her ex-partner Toni Costa has just made a new romance official with the influencer Evelyn Beltrán.

The truth is that everything he does Adamari Lopez it becomes news. A few days ago she shared a photo in which she is seen posing with a beautiful white bikini next to a pool, on the postcard she sees her full body and the driver did not use any filter.

In the last year Adamari López lost about 20 kilos thanks to a strict eating plan and a lot of perseverance with physical exercise. Since she separated from Tony Costa the actress began a much healthier life and now the results are visible on her instagram.

But the haters instead of flattering Adamari Lopez For her bravery, she was attacked for the flaccidity that was seen in her abdomen, something normal after losing weight. “I saw the photo and said, ‘You know what? I’m going to upload it’ because I have no complex about who I am. That’s what remained between motherhood and fat,” the actress told the press.

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Finally Adamari Lopez He added to Molusco TV: “That’s my reality, I don’t want to cover the sun with one hand. That’s not what I want or what I want. I’m going to show myself as I am, with the sacrifices I’ve made.” There is no doubt that this message reached many women in the same situation.

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