Where did the money with which Prince Andrew paid his plaintiff come from?

What now attracts attention is the origin of the sum what Andrés had to pay Giuffrewhich remains secret but is estimated to amount to $16 millionaccording to him Telegraph.

According to Daily Mailthe treasury department of the European nation responded that “public money has not been used to pay for the legal agreements to which it refers”. So where does the money come from that will be used to pay Giuffre and to contribute to a pro-victim charitable foundation, as stipulated in the settlement?

Prince Andrew’s finances are little known, but it is known that stopped receiving public funds once he left his royal responsibilities in 2019after the disastrous interview he gave to the BBC, in which he tried to distance himself from the pederast tycoon Jeffrey Epstein. According The MirrorHe receives a $40,000 pension from the Royal Navy and a $330,000 annual stipend from the Queen.

He recently put his luxury villa up for sale in Verbier, Switzerlandwhich he shared with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. But although the property is worth around $20 millionaccording to the magazine Tatlerthis one was obtained with a mortgage and in addition, it has been said that it still owes money to its previous owner.

Another English newspaper, The Sunensures that the Prince carlos he may have lent money to his younger brother, who hopes he will pay him back once he sells the chalet at the ski resort.

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