“Die can wait”: Ana de Armas, the disarming spy who steals the show from Daniel Craig

He may wear a watch signed by a luxury Swiss watchmaker, James Bond is not always very punctual. And she is one of the few to remind him. “You are late”, Paloma drops him from the trailer, as anguished as she is exasperated.

She insists that it is “the most important mission of his career” when she comes to agent 007’s aid in a delightful sequence of To die can wait. Maybe even the best of the 2:45 hours that Cary Joji Fukunaga’s super-production lasts. Blame it on the interpreter of the most novice of Cuban spies, perfect throughout the quarter of an hour during which she appears.

Paloma is really funny, very active and a real badass– Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas, Cuban, too, breathes a little extra something into the often minor role accorded to women in the universe bondien. “Paloma is a very complete character. She is really different from what we saw in other Bond girls in the previous films. She is really funny, very active and a real badass.”, explains the 33-year-old actress to Harper’s Bazaar. She wields firearms as well as split dress combat. An outfit that could have hypersexualized her character. Except that it is not. And that it ends up knocking down more than one enemy, without worrying about anything other than the strength it exudes.

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“I think people will like it”, advance Ana de Armas in a video interview given on the shoot. Without suspecting that she would hit the nail on the head. Like her heroine. False ingenuous simple, frank and terribly endearing, Paloma seduced the spectators from the first screenings of To die can wait. On Twitter, some were already calling for her to return to the saga, or for the production to entrust her with her own film or series. His pairing with Daniel Craig works as well, maybe better, than in At loggerheads. In the whodunit by Rian Johnson released in the fall of 2019, she played the nurse of a wealthy family whose patriarch died suddenly while he played the inspector responsible for investigating this mysterious death.

His couple with Ben Affleck panicked the press people

Ana de Armas landed a Golden Globe nomination for best actress for this role, the consecration of a career that began on her native island. A graduate of the National Theater School in Havana, she shot her first film at 18 and flew to Spain in the process. For three years, she holds one of the main roles of the series The intership. “It was a huge success, a bit like Stranger Things”, she tells Vanity Fair. In 2014, she tried her luck in Hollywood without speaking a word of English. And goes to his auditions having learned all his texts in phonetics. On the set of War Dogs with Miles Teller, director Todd Philipps “changed a line and it was a disaster. Finally, he said to me: ‘Ok, forget it, just say what you got’. It is not a pleasant position for an actor. I couldn’t have a conversation “, she recalls.

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“People ask me how I learned English so quickly. I tell them my life depended on it”, she still insists in Vanity Fair. On his CV, collaborations with Keanu Reeves follow (Knock Knock), Harrison Ford et Ryan Gosling (Blade Runner 2049) or Edgar Ramirez and Penélope Cruz (Cuban Network). Cary Joji Fukunaga wrote the role of Paloma for her in To die can wait. Andrew Dominik turned her into Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, whose release was postponed to 2022 by Netflix which would have been put off by too graphic sex scenes.

Still next year, she will reunite with Chris Evans in the spy thriller The Gray Man of the Russo brothers (Avengers : Endgame) as well as her ex-companion Ben Affleck in the erotic thriller Deep waters. She, usually so discreet about her private life, despite herself made the front page of the tabloids when the announcement of her separation from the interpreter of Batman. A ransom of glory which the young woman would undoubtedly have done well …

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