Why has The Flash movie been delayed a year?

The Flash has been delayed an entire year. Its premiere will arrive in 2023. But why have they made that decision at DC Comics?

Warner Bros. Pictures has revolutionized the entire release schedule of DC Comics. Unfortunately, this news was confirmed a few minutes ago. All superhero movies DC universe that were going to be released this year have gone on to have another date. In fact, we will only see two more adaptations of this cinematic universe this year, after The Batman. Those two movies are Black Adam and Shazam. That means The Flash has been pushed back to summer 2023. A year behind schedule! This decision is very hard for many reasons, but why have they decided to do this?

As reported by the insider DC Unlimitedthere could be a justification for this monumental delay of The Flash. Apparently, this insider would have talked to some people who are related to the production of the movie Andy Muschietti. The reason why the tape has been moved an entire year Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) would be the re-recordings. As reported from this account on social networks, these re-recordings would be quite important. They are not going to remove anything, but plan to add more content. Perhaps they are referring to the appearance of the Superman from Henry Cavill?

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The Multiverse is going to be very touched and hackneyed in the cinema

The delay of The Flash it could be really serious. The film allegedly has a “multiversal” premise. That is, it deals with the concept of the Multiverse within DC Comics. This is something we have already seen with Spider-Man: No Way Home and that has worked like a charm at the box office. To top, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will also deal with this theme. In fact, they want to go very deep into that aspect. So when the tape of the Scarlet Speedster… We will have already seen two great blockbusters with this narrative premise. It may seem silly to you, but the mass public will be affected. They are not all day with news up or down. They just get carried away and will inevitably make comparisons.