The violence of “Squid Game” invites itself in the playgrounds

Squid Game will it soon invade schoolyards in France? While the Korean series is a hit on Netflix, a Belgian school is sounding the alarm. Certain scenes of the fiction, however forbidden to under 18s, were reproduced in the courtyard of the municipal school of Erquelinnes, in the province of Hainaut, which immediately alerted parents on Facebook.

“You have surely heard of this Squid Game series. Characters are made to play children’s games and if they lose, they are eliminated, they are executed!”, explains the establishment. “Our students therefore have fun playing 1-2-3 sun-style games (as shown in the series) and the loser or loser receives blows. We are very vigilant so that this unhealthy and dangerous game is stopped”, continues the school which asks parents to communicate with their children on the subject.

“Sanctions will be taken against children who continue this game (of hitting other children), it is obvious that 1-2-3 sun is allowed!”, concluded the school with humor. The Minister of Education, Caroline Désir, even reacted to “denounce all types of games or actions that lead to dangerous and violent behavior within schools”.

Launched on September 17 on Netflix, the Korean series that is in the lineage of Hunger Games Where Battle Royal, tells the story of 456 people in financial difficulty who are invited to participate in a competition whose events are inspired by the games of our childhood. The goal ? Be the last survivor and earn more than 30 million euros.

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The violence generated by this series does not only concern the playgrounds. The opening of a Squid Game Paris pop-store this weekend, which offered fans the opportunity to participate in their own version of the games for free, caused great tension among the young people who had made the trip. A violent fight even broke out.

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