Uruguay will not “set” prices to contain increases due to the war in Ukraine

Montevideo, March 9 (Latest) .- Uruguay will not establish a “fixing of prices” to contain the increases in certain foods motivated by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the president of the South American country, Luis Lacalle Pou, affirmed on Wednesday.

Speaking to the press after the inauguration of the works of the new Carmelo International Airport (southwest of the country), the president said that the Executive is analyzing “a mechanism” that can serve all the actors involved, but that it will not be a “setting of prices”.

“We are looking for mechanisms, so that, without harming the productive sector, which is making an effort, which generates jobs, the vast majority in the interior (outside of Montevideo), so that the final consumer does not see the prices of the basket drastically altered. basic,” he said.

Lacalle Pou confirmed that in recent hours he had talks with the Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Fernando Mattos, and with the Minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche, to make a diagnosis of the current situation and look for solutions.

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“They know that the practice of this government is not to fix prices. We believe that there are other mechanisms that can help balance and regulate this increase, which we also do not know how long it will last, because we do not know how long the conflict will last either. But more it is worth being forewarned,” he said.

The rise in fuel and wheat prices —in a country with abundant use of flour in its daily diet— affects not only the productive sector, which, in turn, is the one that generates the largest exports, but also the final consumer .

“We have to go out to protect that this price inflation does not affect the basic basket of Uruguayans,” said the president.

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