This is how it will be the next time we see Iron Man at Marvel Studios

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Iron Man / Tony Stark will continue his adventures in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe and we will be able to see new facets of the character.

The first season of the animated series What if…? (What would happen if …?) has not been very kind to Iron Man / Tony Stark, since the character has died in several episodes and in the last one he is not chosen as one of the guardians of the multiverse. But at least in the second season we can see their great space adventure, since they only showed how it was in Nidavellir destroying the Infinity Gauntlet next to Gamora and Poison.

The only thing we know about that space adventure is that the armor of Iron Man is shocking, but now in a recent interview, the lead writer of What if …?, AC Bradley, revealed why they did not tell that story and that the second season will show more of that universe.

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That’s a definite yes. Basically what happened was that we originally had an episode planned for the beginning of the season that was a fun, lighthearted, and lively episode. Which was centered on Tony Stark with Gamora. However, due to the COVID pandemic, one of our animation houses received an incredibly hard hit. That’s why the episode had to be pushed into season 2, because it wouldn’t be finished on time. Given everything we’ve all been through in the last couple of years, powering up a television episode is absolutely nothing by comparison. And we got it. We hope fans enjoy the ride next year. “

The truth is that it will be interesting to see if the spectacular golden armor of Gamora is part of the arsenal of Iron Man, although it doesn’t really have his style. But he certainly could have adapted it for the planet’s green killer Zehoberei.

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Marvel Studios will bet on animation.

After the great success of What if …? They intend to expand the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe with more animation series and for that they are already hiring different talents to take charge of their characters. Which means that we will have the opportunity to see more times to Iron Man, even though its live action version will no longer return. So surely they will soon announce all the plans they have to add more content to Disney Plus streaming platform.