Coumba from “Koh-Lanta” responds to haters with humor: “Yes, I’m Claude’s doggie!”

Since the beginning of “Koh-Lanta: the legend”, Coumba has been the target of sometimes very violent criticism on social networks. Last week, many internet users couldn’t digest her decision to vote against Candice on the board, breaking the girl-to-girl alliance she herself had developed. She has since apologized for it in a message posted on Instagram. And it is again on this network that she reacted Wednesday evening to the new attacks against her. The reason ? His vote against Clémence, resulting in the departure of the double winner of the show on the island of the banished.

I’m not trying to justify myself, I never will“, explains Coumba in a video message.”You can criticize me, denigrate me, insult me ​​on the networks. From the moment you agree to become a public figure and do a TV show, you have to accept all the criticisms, whether positive or negative. But the thing I can’t take is take responsibility for things that I haven’t done.”

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Whether I vote Sam or Clemence, it wouldn’t have changed much after this advice. Clemence was aware– Coumba

Coumba explains first about his decision of your once again against an adventurer, Clémence in this case, and not an adventurer. “When I hear that I’m a hypocrite, that I betrayed the girls’ alliance, that I’m a weather vane, it makes me laugh“, she retorts.”Already there was no more feminine alliance. The feminine alliance we put an end to the release of Candice. It was done. From this observation, I am free to choose the strategy and the people I want. We are in Koh-Lanta, anyway!“.

The adventurer then reveals that she did not initially plan to vote against Clemence but against Sam. And that she had even told Clemence and Christelle. But a discussion with Claude will make him change his mind. “It’s not Claude’s fear, on the contrary, it’s a respect, it’s my friend“, she assures.”I can’t put it wrong for a lost vote. There were already four votes against Clémence at that time. Phil, Sam, Claude and Christelle. So whether I vote Sam or Clémence, it wouldn’t have changed much at the end of this advice. Clemence was aware.”

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Coumba knows it in advance: this revelation will comfort those who think that she has been rolling for Claude from the start. To the critics, which are likely to rain, she answers with humor: “To say that being someone’s friend is being their doggie, if that’s your opinion, then yes I’m Claude’s doggie! I am his big doggie. I am his doggie that he takes out every evening, every morning. Yes, it’s me, guilty!“, she laughs.

The adventurer concludes with a new message to the haters: “Either way, you got hold of me from the first episode and I know you will keep attacking me. But it does not matter. I take. This adventure, it is I who lived it with the other adventurers. And that will not change. You were not there. So stay comfortably at home, in front of your computer. And keep insulting me because it doesn’t even affect me!“.

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