Mac Studio, this is the new Apple computer with the M1 Ultra chip

Throughout the event that those from Cupertino have had today there have been great surprises. Two of them were highly anticipated, such as the iPhone SE 2022 and the iPad Air 2022. The two machines are now at the forefront of what users are asking for, especially the new phone, but the company has made an even more spectacular announcement and unexpected: the new Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chip.

This is the new Mac Studio

Apple has not neglected all those enthusiastic users of the productive use of a powerful computer. It cannot be denied that the firm’s products meet this standard, but of all of them there is now one that is now postulated as one of the most important tools of the firm. His name is Mac Studio and we are going to tell you everything that it hides in its small aluminum box.

Yes, the first thing that catches your eye is its shape, which is more of an aluminum cube reminiscent of the Apple TV device. But this device has little to envy to the encoder, since inside we find a computer with the latest of the latest from the house. On your motherboard we find with the new M1 Ultra chipan upgraded version of the company’s computer chips that will give you all the power you need for the heaviest of tasks.

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