Daniel Craig already misses James Bond

The latest film by Daniel Craig as James Bond has just released No Time to Die and the actor has to continue his life without the character.

In 2006 Daniel Craig began his saga of James Bond with the movie Casino Royale. Then premiered Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015) and finally now we can see in cinemas in No time to die (2021) where he said goodbye to the character. In fact, they will soon start looking for the new actor to play the legendary spy.

In a recent interview, Daniel Craig revealed that she already misses James Bond: I’ll miss everything, I think. I will miss the collaboration. I mean, hopefully I’ll keep working and have a lot of other lovely jobs, but it’s a very, very, very weird air. “

“It was there before me, and it will be there after me.”. Actor Daniel Craig continued. “But I had the opportunity to be a part of all this, and if you can achieve that, it is like one of the most important moments as an actor. So yeah, I’ll miss it. Much”.

Although I miss being James BondIt seems like he doesn’t really care who will take on the role next. Since during the presentation of No time to die, the actor Daniel Craig said: “That’s not my problem”.

He has some very interesting projects for the future.

Has already rolled Back daggers 2 from Rian Johnson which will be released in 2022, where he will repeat the role of the researcher Benoit Blanc. Also, if this movie is as successful as the first, they will surely make a third. But it will also roll The Creed of Violence, a story that takes place in 1910 and will show two men, a murderer and a government agent with a hidden connection to him, who try to stop an organization behind an arms smuggling ring. Finally he will star in the series Purity, which is about a young woman who joins a group of activists and begins a global journey in search of her father.

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So even though Daniel Craig I have left James BondWe will surely see him in the coming years playing great characters.