Karina Rivera will not have reality boys in a possible return with Timoteo: “The essence should not be lost”

The host Karina Rivera offered an interview to the podcast “Por mi madre”, hosted by ‘Tobi’ and ‘Dafonseka’, where they referred to the possible return of the children’s program “Karina y Timoteo” after several years of absence.

The person in charge of making the query was ‘Dafonseka’, who asked Rivera if there were plans to return to television and what would happen if the program assumes the format of “This is Karina and Timoteo”.

In this regard, Karina Rivera only denied the situation with her head, pointing out that there would be no such possibility. “The ‘This’ is superfluous because ‘This’ is like ‘this is like anything’. Only ‘Karina and Timoteo’ or now ‘Karina and Timoteo 2.0′”he referred.

I believe that the essence should not be lost. ‘This is war’ maintains what ‘This is war’ is and I think it’s cool. ‘Karina and Timoteo’ the public remembers it and there were no ‘warriors’ at that time. We had special guests, we uploaded videos with Gian Marco, Magneto, Mercury and that was part of the program. That helped us to be able to have four hours of live program “assured.

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In this way, Karina Rivera made it clear that if “Karina y Timoteo” were to return through the América Televisión signal, she would seek to maintain the essence that popularized the program in its beginnings.

After 22 years of absence, “Karina and Timoteo” -one of the most beloved duos by the public of their time- returns to meet again on stage and tour Peru with their magic and friendliness and make us feel “Children again”.

The couple is back and will celebrate their 27th anniversary in a tour of live shows that begins in Lima on April 23 and 24 at the Canout Theater, and then, on May 14, they will do it in Arequipa and, later, tour the north peruvian

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Tickets to see Karina and Timoteo’s “Children Again” show will be available for pre-sale from this Friday, February 18 at 10 am on the digital platform www.entradaya.com from S/50.

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