Sandman’s Netflix series will be cut off from the rest of DC

Sandman is one of Netflix’s next promises and is based on DC comics, but it will be very independent from the rest of the publishing universe.

Netflix, the world’s leading streaming platform, continues to produce at an unstoppable pace. After the great success of The Squid Game, the company already prepares more series to help it stay on top. It should be noted that this became the format par excellence. In the search, they found Sandman, an history about DC Comics they could still use.

Yes, even though Warner Bros. and HBO Max They have full control over the publisher’s most famous superheroes and villains, some plots were still available. Sandman, being one of them, already has a first look and its writer Neil Gaiman Manifested.

The editor was emphatic that the production will not be part of the DCEU. “Making Sandman for Netflix is ​​an opportunity to do it again, and to do it with the economy of not needing to exist in a shared universe in the same way. So when we do the material of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby Dream Dome Sandman, we do it slightly differently, and we don’t need the scene with the League of Justice to take to Dream al Rubyclaimed the creator.

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However, due to the dark tone of the plot, one of the most recurrent characters has been John Constantine. However, this already appeared in the Arrowverso, so Gaiman will use Joanna Constantine, a relative of the former, for development. According to the author, this was always in the plans.

The situation of the rights with John is delimited at the moment – Gaiman shares by Twitter-. But the plan that Lady Johanna and Joanna were in the story and were played by the same person was there from the beginning. It seemed more orderly. So it worked”He finally added.