The strong criticism eFootball 2022 received

Since its launch, eFootball 2022 gave a lot to talk about. Now, the video game was described as a psychological horror title within Steam.

On September 30, players were able to enjoy eFootball 2022 for the first time. The game made its debut on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S. Although it was one of the most anticipated video games, it left much to be desired and generated a great wave of criticism. In addition to having become the lowest rated title in Valve store history, it has now also been rated as a “psychological horror” title on Steam.

Since its launch, eFootball 2022 generated a lot of laughs and memes. However, it also caused the players to be not at all happy with the result that the video game had. Many people have complained about the technical errors and the rather horrible graphics that the title has. For this reason, it received low ratings and a lot of negative comments within Steam. To such an extent that several players described the title as a game of «terror» and “Psychological terror”.

A horror game

The Hypnora Steam account was the one who started this war against eFootball 2022. In this way, he decided to qualify the title as a psychological horror game: “If you love those moments when you have your head in your hands and consider breaking the keyboard or throwing the controller out the window, you will like it”. After his comment, there were many people who agreed and also decided to criticize the horrible aspect that the title has.

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Currently, eFootball 2022 has more than 17,000 “extremely negative” reviews. Among the bugs and modifications that infuriated players were the angular NPCs, disproportionate human bodies and, of course, the famous horror-like facial animations that were trending on social media. Faced with all these inconveniences, Konami decided to apologize.