Lashana Lynch wants to remain 007

Actress Lashana Lynch has played Nomi in the movie No Time to Die and wants to repeat her character in the future.

Has already been released No time to die and it’s the end of the saga of Daniel Craig What James Bond, but that does not mean that they do not do some spin-off and without a doubt there are several characters who deserve it. Among them, Paloma de Anna of Arms and Nomi from Lashana Lynch. It is precisely this actress who has expressed her desire to return as Agent 007.

“I really wanted to create a really realistic character that was funny and ambitious and witty and all these things. But I really just wanted to do massive stunts, if I’m honest. I just wanted to kick people in the face, handle weapons, roll on the ground, get dirty and wear combat pants, big boots and feel really strong. I wanted to feel strong and powerful, internally and externally, and fortunately I was able to do it.

I would love to get acquainted with her again. I think for a character like that, it would be worth exploring, obviously. I think, though, if we never see her again, her introduction to the franchise and the way she comes out is so classy and makes a lot of sense for the franchise and it also cuts things off pretty well in terms of what we’ve created for it. world”.

It has some of the funniest moments in the movie.

Attention SPOILERS. After they attack James Bond (Daniel Craig) and feel betrayed by Madeleine (Léa Seydoux), decides to retire and disappear for 5 years. During that time the Mi6 assigns 007 to Nomi (Lashana Lynch). So when James Bond returns there are two 007s which causes several funny situations. Although in the end they learn to work together and he entrusts the most valuable thing he has to his new missionary companion.

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Would you like them to make a movie with Lashana Lynch as 007? Is it better for you to reboot the character and cast all the new actors? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.