007: Rami Malek confesses that he preferred to be Bond

007: Rami Malek confesses that he preferred to be Bond

Rami Malek played Safin, the enigmatic villain of 007: No Time to Die, but he confessed a few things about this new challenge he took on in his career.

007 It seems to be “just a number”, but if something has taught the more than 20 films of the franchise and the actors who have assumed the mantle from James Bond, is that it is much more than that. Thus, not only the protagonist, but some elements of this cinematographic universe take on the same importance. The agents Q and M, the Bond girl, the car and the villain, are some of the key pieces of the success of the saga. Every movie must have a perfect set of these to work. In this latest installment, No Time to Die, Rami Malek He was chosen to give life to the enemy.

The young actor plays Safin, a scientist who seeks revenge for his family. At just 40 years old, the artist has already taken on great challenges in his career. He recently played Freddie Mercury on Bohemian Rhapsody and rose to stardom with the series Mr. Robot. For his part, he was part of the cast of the trilogy A night at the museum.

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These and other credits helped him to become the counterpart of the most famous spy of all and not only that, but an unforgettable one. Given the opportunity, he mentioned that “I’m lucky. I went to acting school with several actors who have the same talent as me and not all have had the same opportunities. I’m not going to say no to Freddie Mercury, I’m not going to say no to the Bond villain, but I would also like to make an independent film. The important thing is that they offer me good stories”.

However, when asked if he would have preferred to be on the other side and give life to the agent and not the maniac, he stated that “of course And who doesn’t?”.

Source: Esquire