James Bond: in the footsteps of 007 in Le Touquet

We have seen James Bond face all the dangers. We have seen him travel the world without knowing that he was able to make his first under the lights on the Opal Coast, at Touquet-Paris-Plage, in the imagination of Ian Fleming. The writer belonged to the good English society which came on vacation to Le Touquet. He met his wife there in 1936, at the large seaside swimming pool. And in the upscale neighborhood near the golf course, he stayed in a large villa lent to him by a very wealthy friend.

The town of Royale-les-Eaux, home to Agent 007’s first adventures published in 1953, is directly inspired by Le Touquet. The spy resides at the Splendide Hotel, the literary clone of the very chic Westminster. For Luc Le Clech, the president of the James Bond France fan club, it is a key place. The establishment maintains the cult. We see autographed photos, including Sean Connery and Roger Moore, both seven times James Bond. There is also the portrait of Ian Fleming.

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