Anne-Claire Coudray delivers herself in the program “50Min Inside”

This Saturday, Anne-Claire Coudray was the portrait of the week on the show 50′ Inside. The opportunity for the journalist to confide in her career and her private life.

She never imagined a single day to present the JT of 20 hours. And yet, today, no less than 6 million viewers watch his newspaper. Invited by Nikos Aliagas in the portrait of the week for the show 50 ‘Inside this Saturday, Anne-Claire-Coudray indulged in a few confidences. Journalist for 22 years, she returned to her career by evoking her missions in the field, and her time at LCI, which she describes as “terrible violence” since she did not support the image she sent back. . “Who is this nasty chick?” she wondered at the time.

The one who was used to working in conflict zones such as Mali in 2013, took over as head of the newspaper in 2015, replacing Claire Chazal. A radical and “very complicated” change for the journalist who had never felt “as alive as on the ground”. Shy and rather reserved younger, she wanted to “smash reality” and prove to herself that she was “capable of courage” and “to face certain situations”, she had confessed.

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“I was raised, fed by the television news”

Originally from Morbihan, in the village of Locmariaquer, the 45-year-old mother remembers this place with great nostalgia. “It’s a place where I grew up in great serenity,” she said. If journalism was not “his professional world”, it was nevertheless a world which “nurtured” him. “I was brought up, fed by the television news that we watched religiously”.

After becoming the mother of a little Amalia (6 years old) born of her relationship with the businessman Nicolas Vix, the presenter had to give up the land. But looking back, she says she is happy to be “sedentary” and to have focused on her private life. “It’s true that you don’t build much. Lovers find it hard to understand that you won’t be there next week and you don’t even know when you’ll be back. Today, Anne-Claire Coudray can count on the support of her daughter, one of her greatest admirers. “At one time, she kissed the television when I was passing,” she laughed.

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