Venom 2 director talks about Spider-Man and Venom 3

Andy Serkis is the director responsible for Venom 2 and is already thinking about the third installment and how it could be a confrontation with Spider-Man at Marvel Studios.

Attention SPOILERS. Has already been released Venom 2 In some countries like the United States and in its first weekend it has raised more than 109 million dollars and is liking more than the first installment of 2018. But also the post-credits scene has been filtered where it appears briefly Spider-Man. That is why those responsible for the film are no longer afraid to talk about everything that this shocking story offers.

In a recent interview promoting Venom 2, Andy Serkis commented: “In this story, we wanted him to remain in his own universe and not cross too much with something else. There was a lot to unpack with this story. As for example the strange couple relationship, the introduction of Cletus and Carnage. We had a shame of riches in terms of the stories we could tell here. Shriek, his backstory and his combination.

“It really felt like there was no more room to start moving on to the next phase, and I think when it happens, it will land at the right time, as a result of not rushing.”

That Eddie Brock and Peter Parker are together in the same movie is inevitable for Andy Serkis.

“Who knows? I don’t know where it’s going, but hopefully this movie… You can’t count on anything… But hopefully this movie will turn out well and people will go see it. I feel like it’s the right movie for this moment because I think people will enjoy it. If you go out there and make the effort to see it in theaters, I think it’s a perfectly uplifting dark fun movie that will be tremendously entertaining. Hopefully it will revitalize people to go back to theaters. “

Spider-Man vs. Venom? Who knows? Who knows?” Pondered Andy Serkis. “We’ll have to wait and see”.

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The rest of this interesting interview can be seen below:

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