Teenage idol Justin Bieber goes cannabis sales

I figured out how to make room for cannabis products in my life to improve my human experience– Justin Bieber in Vogue

“Our goal is to make cannabis more accessible and to destigmatize its use”, indicates in a press release this company which offers packs of joints already rolled in California but also in Nevada.

Palms specifies that part of the profits from future sales will be donated to several associations supported Justin Bieber. Among them, the Last Prisoner Project, which calls for an amendment to the laws condemning drug users. And Veteran Walk and Talk, which advocates the use of cannabis and psychedelics to help former soldiers.

“Cannabis is something I have long been criticized for enjoying”, explains for his part the interpreter of “Baby” in an interview with Vogue. In the documentary series broadcast last year on YouTube, he explained that he smoked his first joints when he was 12 or 13 years old.

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“Today I figured out how to make room in my life for cannabis products in order to improve my human experience”, adds the young man who specifies that the consumption of cannabis has been beneficial to his mental health, strained by his early notoriety.

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