FIFA 22 released its new update: What are the changes and improvements?

FIFA 22 presented its new patch, which has several improvements and corrections. We tell you the details below.

Good news for FIFA 22 fans. Finally, SHE published the first patch of the video game. It should be noted that, at the moment, it is only available for PC and Stadia. In this way, it is expected that it will be available very soon for the other systems as well. This patch has great news and improvements. Discover them below!

This new FIFA 22 patch, which is known under the name of Title Update # 1, is responsible for adjusting a series of parameters of the interface or game modes. On the other hand, it is important to note that it also seeks to tweak part of the gameplay. On this occasion, the best points are the goal and the defense.

Without a doubt, the goalkeepers have become the big winners so far. In this way, now FIFA 22 has lowered their effectiveness a bit, mainly in point-blank shots a few meters from the goal. Regarding the defense, this one was also retouched.

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Details about the patch

Definitely, there are several best and changes to this part of FIFA 22. For example, in Fifa Ultimate Team, players may notice that the Division Rivals progression interface has been updated to improve clarity and visibility. On the other hand, that visual error in the FUT Champions results menu was also corrected, and badges and jerseys that were not displayed correctly, now look perfectly.

Regarding the gameplay, the new FIFA 22 patch improved the frequency of the controlled player crashes when making contact with the ball, added animations to the goalkeeper, updated the defensive logic for players near the midfield line when a counterattack originated in a corner situation is defended, among other things.

Finally, there are also new features in Career Mode. Fixed unintended conflict between board objectives and also player simulation screen issue in Career mode now correctly displaying level upgrades.