“Die can wait”: who is Lashana Lynch, the new 007 who comes to play elbows with James Bond?

In her strapless yellow dress signed Vivienne Westwood, we could only see her on the red carpet installed in front of the Royal Albert Hall in London during the premiere of the film. But on the screen, it is she who “wear the pants” as his playing partner Ana de Armas likes to recall.

Lashana Lynch enters the history of the saga James Bond by becoming the first black woman to wear the number 007. “I’m not a James Bond Girl. I’m Vesper Lynd”, hammered Eva Green during the promotion of Casino Royale 15 years ago. The 33-year-old British actress might say the same about her character today.

From Captain Marvel to James Bond

Agent Nomi did not come to make up the figures but to play elbows within MI6 which made her the heir to the most cult spy in pop culture. “I think they were looking for someone who would be able to match Bond”, testifies Lashana Lynch in the Guardian. His casting presence was made official from Jamaica, where part of To die can wait. A strong symbol for the one who was born in London in November 1987 to Jamaican parents. She also claims that her mother “knew this was all going to happen.” “She said : ‘Go on, have fun. It’s going to be very good ‘. All of my loved ones were much more relaxed than I expected. It was I who worried about future stunts, about my physical form “, she has fun with Collider.

Graduated from Arts Educational Schools in London in 2010, Lashana Lynch landed her first film role the following year in Fast Girls alongside Lily James. She followed up with series on British television and plays before seducing the United States. She plays Rosaline Capulet in Still Star-Crossed, a series of Romeo and Juliet produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy). But the program is canceled after just seven small episodes. The consecration arrives in 2019 when, after years of audition, she ends up integrating the Marvel universe in the cinema.

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If another black woman had been hired for the role, the conversation would have been the same, she would have been the victim of the same attacks, the same abuse.– Lashana Lynch

She gives the answer to Brie Larson in Captain Marvel, the first superhero film worn by a woman to cross the billion dollars in revenue. She plays Maria Rambeau, an army pilot who is raising her daughter on her own. A hell of a woman, like a committed actress who campaigns for women’s rights and shows her support for the Black Lives Matter movement on her social networks. In the summer of 2019, she temporarily left Instagram in the face of the flood of insults she received. In question ? The leak of part of the scenario To die can wait, revealing that it would now be Agent 007. “I’m a black woman. If another black woman had been hired for the role, the conversation would have been the same, she would have been the victim of the same attacks, the same abuse.”, she emphasizes to Harper’s Bazaar. “I just have to remember that the conversation is taking place and that I am part of something that will be very, very revolutionary”, she continues.

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Eager to play a powerful but realistic heroine in the saga Bond, Lashana Lynch was delighted to have joined the writing team of Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) at the initiative of Daniel Craig. “When I told her who I wanted Nomi to be, it wasn’t a discussion. She just said, ‘This is exactly what I wanted, great. Ok, let’s do this’, she explains in Guardian. She made her spy a being “highly competent” most “very human” and so “sometimes strange”.

Except that on the screen, we almost regret that the character is not more exploited. Perhaps we will see her again in the next film, like Q, M or Moneypenny who have survived the ages? The production has already announced that Daniel Craig’s successor will not be chosen until 2022. By then, Lashana Lynch will be very busy with three new projects including the adaptation of the musical. Matilda with Emma Thompson. What offer him the license to remain at the top of the bill in Hollywood.

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