Did the squid game commit plagiarism ?: This was said by its creator

The Squid Game is the series of the moment within Netflix. Since its launch it has been accused of plagiarism, and this is what the creator said about it.

Since it arrived on the small screen of Netflix, The Squid Game has become one of the most acclaimed fictions by the public. Days pass and the South Korean series continues to gain popularity, to the point that it could break a streaming service record. And although many viewers are fascinated with its history and production, others claim that the fiction has plagiarized. Faced with these accusations, the creator decided to break the silence.

As expected, The Squid Game is being analyzed by each viewer. In this way, several theories about the characters and stories have come to light. But, some similarities that it has with As The Gods Will, the Japanese film that was released in 2014, were also revealed. An image began to circulate on social networks where some frames of both titles are compared; In addition to this similarity, both the Netflix film and fiction also focus their story on survival games inspired by children’s games.

Is it plagiarism?

Seeing the accusations against him, the creator of The Squid Game decided to break the silence. In this way, Hwang Dong-hyuk He assured that his story was created in 2008, referring to the fact that the movie As The Gods Will was released in 2014. “It is true that the first game is similar, but after that there are no more similarities. I have worked on The Squid Game since 2008 and 2009 and by then I had determined that the first game was Red Light, Green Light ”, he explained.

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“Claiming my intellectual property on this story is not really something I want to do. But if I have to say, I would say that I did it first, “said the creator of The Squid Game. After the success of its first installment, many fans wonder if fiction will have a second season. Find out here what details are known so far.