Homosexuality, paternity, surrogacy: in “Fils à papa (s)”, Christophe Beaugrand gives himself open heart

It is a modest testimony, but essential. Christophe Beaugrand has decided to confide in his paternity in a book entitled Daddy’s son (s), available from October 7 at Plon. The host of TF1 and LCI with the legendary good humor looks back on the birth of his son Valentin, whom he and her husband Ghislain welcomed thanks to an American surrogate mother named Whitney and with whom he has forged a very strong relationship.

“We are convinced with Ghislain that an example of joy and fulfillment conceals in an image, a simple photo, the strength to move mentalities. Your happiness, Valentine, that of our family, we show it to all. No , to live happily, we don’t have to live in hiding. To hell with this discretionary injunction! “, explains in the book Christophe Beaugrand who also looks back on his childhood, the discovery of his homosexuality, his meeting with the man of his life or his visceral desire to have a child.

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Surrogacy (surrogacy) being banned in France, Christophe Beaugrand and his husband went to the United States to realize their biggest dream: to become fathers one day. A complex journey full of pitfalls, but well worth it, as he relates in the book. From the choice of the surrogate mother to the one who will donate her oocytes, through the costly cost of this process or the battle to have their right of parentage recognized, we are following step by step Christophe Beaugrand who strives to fight stereotypes.

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