The Squid Game: Netflix’s Phone Decision

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The Squid Game: Netflix's Phone Decision

After the scandal that caused the telephone number of The Squid Game, Netflix decided to take action on the matter.

The Squid Game It brought not only joy to Netflix, but also some problems that gave him headaches. A few weeks ago, we told you that the phone number that appears on the credit card The Squid Game it really exists. Because of this, the owner of the line has not stopped receiving calls and is furious that this problem does not end. For this reason, the streaming platform has made an important decision.

The phone number on the credit card The Squid Game It belongs to a 40-year-old Korean man who’s fed up with fiction fans constantly calling his number to see what happens. “It has gotten to the point where people call me day and night out of curiosity. Drain my battery and it turns off »he explained. Seeing the great inconvenience that this number is causing, Netflix made the decision to solve this problem.

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According to the information that emerged, Netflix understood that the best way to end this problem is by changing the phone number that appears in The Squid Game. Therefore, they will not only edit the scenes but also find an unused Korean phone number that does not work in other countries.

A very common problem

The truth is that this problem did not occur for the first time with The Squid Game. The Hollywood film industry has long sought to save itself from this headache and inconvenience. Since the 50s and 60s, movies and television series have used the prefix 555 in telephone numbers, since it was practically not used and then the numbering administration decided to reserve the numbers between 555-0100 and 555-0199 for works fictional.