James Bond back in the movies: 7 things we (maybe) didn’t know about spy 007

From the pages of Ian Fleming to the movies, James Bond has already known several lives. A former naval intelligence officer, the British writer certainly did not imagine that his paper spy would become one of the most famous figures in the history of the Seventh Art. A hero whose career is almost as exciting behind the scenes on screen. But do you really know him?

James Bond really existed

But he was not a spy. When he starts to write Casino Royale, which will be released in 1953, Ian Fleming has not yet found the name of his secret agent character. Lover of birds, which he adores studying on his property in Jamaica, the author has on his desk a book entitled Birds of the West Indies written by an American ornithologist by the name of James Bond. “I found him brief, anti-romantic, Anglo-Saxon and very masculine“, explained Fleming later. The use of this surname will not be the subject of any contractual agreement with the ornithologist, who died in 1989. But the saga will pay tribute to him by making his book appear twice in Octopussy with Roger Moore and Die another day with Pierce Brosnan.

Ian Fleming was not a fan of Sean Connery

At least he didn’t see the Scottish actor in the skin of his paper spy. “I’m looking for Commander Bond, not a hairy stuntman“, the writer would have said at the time of the casting of James Bond Vs Dr No, adding that it lacked finesse. It is finally thanks … to women, that the actor still little known to the general public, will land the role of his life. Dana Broccoli, the wife of producer Albert “Cubby” Broccoli, would indeed have fallen under his raw charm, just like Blanche Blackwell, Fleming’s fiancée. When the film comes out, the writer will also admit to being seduced by the star. So much so that in the novel We only live twice, in 1964, he wrote that his character’s father was originally from Scotland.

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Goldeneye is not just a movie title

First episode with Pierce Brosnan, in 1995, Goldeneye bears the name of the dangerous Russian satellite stolen by mercenaries, at the heart of the plot. But it is actually a tribute to the residence in Jamaica where Ian Fleming wrote all his novels, from 1946 to 1964. During this period, the novelist and his wife received the biggest names in showbiz and politics there. After Fleming’s death, it was put up for sale in 1976. Chris Blackwell, the founder of the Island record company, convinced Bob Marley to buy it, before buying it from him a few months later. Today the house is part of a vast hotel complex of 20 hectares.

007 is officially an alcoholic

James Bond adore son Martini “shaken not stirred” (shaken but not stirred). But he will never say no to a shot of vodka or a glass of champagne, even the occasional small beer. According to a study by British Medical Journal, published in 2013. Another study, the character consumes 65.2 glasses of alcohol per week in the novels of Ian Fleming, three times more than the recommendations of the National Health Service. Another study, carried out by Australian researchers on all the films of the saga, indicates that he consumes 4.5 glasses of alcohol per episode. A level that clearly puts his health at risk. In Quantum of Solace, he absorbs no less than 24, largely to console himself for the death of Vesper Lynd.

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But he quit smoking 20 years ago

More precisely 19 years since James Bond savored his last cigar in Die another day, in 2002, in the guise of Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig has not touched a cigarette since Casino Royale up to To die can wait. Have the producers given in to political correctness? Still, after having been singled out for years by the health authorities, the franchise ended the consumption of the character. And the juicy product placements it spawned. In 1989, the Lark firm had paid $ 670,000 for the 007 played by Timothy Dalton to set off a bomb from a pack of cigarettes.

He had the same colleague for 36 years

Q., the master gunsmith who supplies 007 with his amazing gadgets, first appeared in 1962 as Peter Burton in the first film, James Bond vs. Dr No. But from 1963, it is the actor Desmond Llewelyn who replaces him and who will appear in 17 films in total, which makes him – by far – the actor who has played in the most episode in all of history. of the franchise. He gives the answer to the spy for the last time in The world is not enough, released in November 1999. He died a month later at the age of 89, not of old age but in a traffic accident on his way to a book signing. He has since been replaced by John Clesse and then Ben Whishaw from Skyfall, in 2012.

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He never made love on a plane

In 2012, before the release of Skyfall, British graphic designer Emma Price, aka Tiny Master, made a detailed infographic on 007’s sex life. At the time, she credited him with 53 female conquests – a number that has since climbed to 56. The two hottest episodes are With love from Russia with Sean Connery and Dangerously yours hasith Roger Moore, where the spy concludes four times. The study goes far since it also details the place where the antics in question take place. Imagine that before Skyfall, James Bond had made love 37 times in a bed, 8 times in a boat, 3 times in a train, 3 times on the ground, twice in a car, 2 times in a barn, 2 times in a tent, once in space … But never on an airplane. What to give ideas to the successor of Daniel Craig?

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