Star Wars reveals how to sabotage a lightsaber

The latest novel in the Star Wars saga has finally revealed how to sabotage a lightsaber and thus take down a Jedi’s great weapon.

Star Wars has recently revealed how to sabotage a lightsaber. When Obi-Wan Kenobi delivered to Luke Skywalker his father’s saber, the legendary Jedi he described it as “an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.” The latest novels in the galactic saga explore that “more civilized age,” traveling a step further, long before the resurgence of the Sith. We are talking about the high republican era in which the Jedi and the old republic They were at their peak. They walked towards the Outer edge with a soul full of hope. However, the Star Wars novels have also let us know how the Jedi’s enemies could sabotage a lightsaber with ease.

Even the era of the High Republic was a time filled with conflict and tragedy. The Jedi of that time faced a fearsome enemy known as “Nihil”. It is about a group of space pirates who seek to plunge the galaxy into chaos. The Nothing they have proven to be very skilled when it comes to taking on the Jedi. They have converted the Force from Star Wars into a weapon to use against the Order itself. And they have discovered monsters and predators of the Force that have spread fear among the Jedi. They tried to learn how to manipulate radiation to disarm a lightsaber, but were unsuccessful. However, in the novel Mission to Disasterfrom Justina Irelandthey have managed to discover another way to do it.

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A lightsaber can’t hold that much energy inside

Star Wars: Mission to Disaster narrates the adventures of the young scientist Avon Starros, daughter of a senator of the Old Republic. Avon is kidnapped by the Nihil and forced to work for them. She comes into possession of a kyber crystal after a previous encounter with the Jedi and in the novel she attempts to create other synthetic kyber crystals. She is a bit frustrated at first, as she can barely grow faulty copies of the real crystal. However, she quickly realizes the danger: a Jedi with a replica kyber crystal could cause her lightsaber to suddenly explode unable to channel two energies into him at the same time. In this way, as they collect in Screen Ranthas inadvertently discovered the perfect way to sabotage a lightsaber.