“The Batman”: revenge, fatherhood and an increasingly dark and real Gotham City

batman” by Matt Reeves is a thriller that does not falter in its three hours due to the atmosphere of an increasingly sinking Gotham City, the mystery of an intelligent villain like the Riddler (Paul Dano) and a more human, broken, marginal hero, played by a remarkable Robert Pattinson, who joins these actors who brought the iconic character to life. The great achievement of this DC bet is that it differs from previous films, such as that of Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton. The great themes of the film are revenge, paternity, the imprecise past and a red light, opaque, but light after all, which symbolizes hope in the midst of chaos and darkness.

The Reeves Batman it is built from the body. What Joaquin Phoenix in the “Joker”, Pattinson manipulates their body posture to generate the sensations of anger, hate, fear. He composes a cloistered character, hidden in the shadows who, like a bat, attacks his enemies in anger. There is even a shot in which it seems that wings are about to sprout from the actor’s back. This resource is also used by Reeves with the Penguin (Colin Farrell)but in a more humorous and mocking situation.

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Jim Gordon and Batman in a tense scene from the movie.  (Photo: Warner Bros.)
Jim Gordon and Batman in a tense scene from the movie. (Photo: Warner Bros.)


Thus, Batman goes against criminals but not with the noble cause of justice. At least, in the first impressions of the character, you don’t notice that. BruceWayne He wants revenge for the death of his parents. Because of the loneliness in which he is trapped. That horror sublimates him through a fight against the villains by following the legacy of his father, thomas waynea good man who was going to generate change in gothic.

But Gotham is already almost buried from the start. The Batman emblem is just a light in the sky that creates fear. It is not a real solution. The Riddler shows up to unbalance Bruce’s life, to get him out of his comfort zone. Because, until then, he was just a man hidden in his suit, not going out in the sunlight, interacting only with Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright)a policeman, and Alfred (Andy Serkis).

Revenge also appears in Selina Kyle as Zoe KravitzCatwoman or cat womanwho wants to finish solving a family case involving the mafia, well represented by Carmine Falcone (John Turturro). The Riddler also wants revenge. His plan is what drives all the action in “The Batman.” And, unfortunately, when it ends up being defined, the story declines to the point that explanatory speeches of what has been seen appear, as if the viewer had not been paying attention to the big screen.

Robert Pattinson as Batman in the Reeves movie.  (Photo: Warner Bros.)
Robert Pattinson as Batman in the Reeves movie. (Photo: Warner Bros.)


Just as the revengefatherhood is the other great theme of “The Batman” and is present in Bruce, Selina and the Riddle. It is no coincidence that, at the beginning, the figure of the father is killed first in a symbolic way by the child and then by the villain of the film.

In the case of Bruce, there is the disputed image of his father, whom he had imagined as an honest man who wished for the good of Gotham. the figure of alfred relieves that emptiness, but it is not enough. While the conflict selinawithout falling into the spoiler, is more violent and will mark the premise of the film: are violence and revenge the way out of darkness?

This, of course, is also in the Riddle, though not explicitly. He is an orphan who lost everything when it seemed that, at least, he was going to have a place to drop dead. She is an outcast, almost twinned with Batman, who wants to end Gotham, the city that cast him aside as if he were undone.

Bruce Wayne in the few times he appears in public.  (Photo: Warner Bros.)
Bruce Wayne in the few times he appears in public. (Photo: Warner Bros.)


Gothic is, finally, the other great character of “The Batman”. Reeves paints the entire city in dark tones, even in love and fun. It seems that everything is rotten in its streets, alleys, even in its most commercial areas, as well as in its citizens.

This universe is built with scenes from violencefaces, Halloween costumes, a great soundtrack (“Something in the Way” from Nirvana, for example), and with a hero to suit him, a darkened Batman even in the eyes. The heavy darkness of Gotham, in the film, is not exhausted by the dynamics of the thriller, the action and the attraction of film noir.

Despite its shadows, fiction and artifice, Gothic has all the character of real: a collapsed citywith a government parallel to the officialwhere the criminal gangs move in collusion with the authorities, with the illicit drug trafficking and his blood. In this way, like Gotham, “The Batman” is a very dark film that is not out of place and that shows, from its characters and their conflicts, that villains and heroes are closer than we can imagine.

Catwoman and Batman in the recent movie.  (Photo: Warner Bros.)
Catwoman and Batman in the recent movie. (Photo: Warner Bros.)


“The Batman” presented its first trailer at the DC Fandome virtual event (Video: DC / Warner) https://ojo.pe/ojo-show/the-batman-pelicula-protagonizada-por-robert-pattinson-detrasa- its-premiere-until-march-2022-covid-19-usa-usa-coronavirus-united-states-warner-bros-hollywood-nndc-news/