Belmondo, a clan man

He only wore the films in his name, but each time during the shootings, he took great care to bring his old friends, many of whom had met at the conservatory in 1952. “We have a generation where we really found ourselves in Rochefort. , Marielle … And we were hooked straight away, we became friends straight away. never disputed, “said Jean-Paul Belmondo in an interview.

Friends, real ones, who have not always been successful elsewhere. This is what Jean Rochefort told: “we had an upset adolescence because in the corridors of the Conservatory, we caused anxiety and terror in women”. Together, they made the 400 moves. And they will never separate, as Jean-Paul Belmondo confided to us during the funeral of Charles Gérard, a 60-year-old friend.

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