Genesis Zircon 550: an ultralight mouse ideal for gaming

The Zircon 550 is a high quality mouse oriented to the world of gaming. Its ergonomic design 0 and its rounded shape prevent wrist pain after many hours of play. Its low weight (90 g) allows you to control each movement with great precision. On the other hand, the Zircon 550 is equipped with extremely durable mechanical switches with a lifespan of up to 20 million clicks that offer durability and lightning-fast response time.

double connection

The mouse has a dual connection mode, which means that It can be connected via USB-C cable or wirelessly at 2.4 GHz. The wireless connection is characterized by extremely low latency, which will ensure an extremely efficient gaming experience at the highest level. The built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery gives you freedom of movement for up to 80 hours continuously on a single charge. On the front is the port to connect via cable (1.8 meters).

A highly accurate sensor

The PMW3325’s advanced optical sensor, with a sensitivity range between 200 and 8000 DPI, offers the best gaming results. The maximum data processing speed remains at 4600 FPS, and the maximum acceleration is 20G. In addition, the button to change the DPI will allow you to instantly adjust the degree of sensitivity between 6 different levels.

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Programmable buttons and built-in memory

The Zircon 550 has 7 programmable buttons, thanks to which one click is enough to perform the most advanced functions, assigning specific instructions to each button. Thanks to the dedicated software, it allows advanced configuration of its parameters and the assignment of the various settings in the profiles. Change DPI sensitivity, customize multi-color RGB lighting, create and save macros, and configure each of the 7 programmable buttons. The mouse has built-in memory, so there is no need to reconfigure settings every time the PC is started, It will remember all your settings even when connected to another computer, so you can easily take your mouse on a trip or to a tournament.

lighting and energy saving

Zircon is equipped with RGB lighting with PRISMO effect, which allows any color to be used. All backlight settings can be easily configured using specific software. It has also been equipped with an intelligent energy-saving management system that will ensure long-term, uninterrupted operation. In its lower part there is a switch that allows you to turn off the device, as well as control the backlight of each of the parts of the mouse, helping you to save energy even more effectively.

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The Zircon 550 is an extremely light mouse that responds perfectly in games and is also suitable for home-type functionalities. A versatile model, with a comfortable and beautiful design, a high response speed and a high degree of customization. Have all the features and benefits of a very high-end mouse, but at a much lower price.

Carbon 700 Maxi Cordura: a perfect complement

Carbon 700 series mats are made with a very damage resistant fabric, the same one that is used in the manufacture of backpacks. The special structure of the fibers and the exceptional weaving method create an extraordinary resistance to abrasion, in addition its rubber base prevents unexpected movements. The upper layer is covered with a smooth “speed” type surface, which guarantees a smooth and safe glide, as well as an immediate response.

The Carbon 700 Cordura series includes two mat sizes, the MAXI size (920mm x 420mm) and the XL size (450mm x 400mm) and is priced at €34.99.

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