“Diana, the musical” on Netflix: the anti-“The Crown” that we already regret having seen

Her fate has already inspired Hollywood and television. It was only a matter of time before the scene took hold of its story. Diana is now the heroine of a musical that bears her name and which quietly arrived on Netflix on October 1.

Already producer of The Crown – the multi-awarded series that romances the daily life of the British royal family, the streaming platform has offered the rights to broadcast the live capture of the show which was to open on Broadway in March 2020 before the pandemic hit it. cut the wings.

Like a parody that would not want to assume

Except that is not The Crown wants. The Guardian talks about“a royal debacle”, Variety of a “superficial homage to a complicated icon” and The Evening Standard of a “show in bad taste doomed to failure”. Opinions that can only be shared as the whole makes people laugh more than they move. Here there is no subtlety, finesse and tact. Diana, the musical sounds like an unwilling parody, starting with its poor dialogue and distressingly banal lyrics, yet signed by a Tony Award-winning duo for another musical. “How to survive when living is torture?”, Diana laments before wondering: “The princes lie, who would have believed it?” As if the excellent satire The Windsors tried at all costs to take himself seriously.

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Diana, the musicale closely follows the love triangle formed by the princess, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles – presented as terribly jealous of her rival’s youth. And seems to seek to check all the major stages in the life of his heroine, from marriage to divorce through the births of William and Harry. Without ever going beyond the surface but often bordering on the ridiculous.

Queen Elizabeth reproaches her son for being a hot rabbit, the paparazzi sing in heart that tracking Diana is “better than a Guinness, better than a handjob”. As for Lady Di’s lover James Hewitt, he offers himself a bare-chested entrance in an unlikely sequence. “With me, we learn to ride well”, he says to his mistress who qualifies his marriage with the heir to the crown “royal horror show”. But rest assured, the authors had the good taste not to stage the accident which killed the young woman in the summer of 1997.

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Too kitsch, too light, Diana, the musical has something to disconcert fans of the genre as admirers of the British royal family. What if the sung format just wasn’t suitable for such a story? Season 4 of The Crown was inspired by the same episodes in Diana’s life for a totally different look. In November, it is Kristen Stewart who will tell in her own way the rupture of the princess and her prince in Spencer by Pablo Larrain. A service already praised as remarkable which makes her one of the favorites to win an Oscar. And to whom we will much more willingly devote 1h51 of our time.

>> Diana, the musical (1h57) – available on Netflix

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