Colate accuses Paulina Rubio of negligence and asks for full custody of her son

“The Spaniard requested the Miami Family Court on February 18 to order the singer to immediately hand over the minor, whose custody they share, concerned about two things that he exposes in his claim: first, that the child was infected with Covid-19 and Paulina was negligent in her care; and second, that the singer encourages the absenteeism of the child in the school she attends, ”it was reported in the broadcast of shows.

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It is said that fans hope that, if it is true that “Colate” has found love, he will leave Paulina Rubio alone.

Jointly, it was reported: “Colate stated in the lawsuit that on January 31, Nico called him to tell him that he had contracted Covid-19 and that he wanted to be with him. He claims that Paulina used the contagion to keep the boy away from school, and while he was sick, she went on a trip without notifying anyone.”

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In the same way, the program showed the letter that the school principal allegedly sent to the “Golden Girl” on February 9, claiming her alarming disregard for the child’s safety and his prolonged school absenteeism.

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